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Why Latex?

Maximum Breathability

Our latex has an open cell structure which allows air to pass through naturally   

Comfortable and supportive from birth to toddler

The baby mattress is firm enough to provide optimal body support, yet soft enough for comfort. Latex has a natural elasticity and as a result holds its shape well

No nasty fumes or harmful chemicals

As latex is a natural product, it has none of the nasty fumes or harmful chemicals that are commonly found in synthetic or plastic products. 

Naturally temperature and moisture regulating / Self ventilating

Synthetic mattresses do not 'breathe' and trap body heat, while ours have self-ventilating channels that regulate temperature and moisture

Compliant to Australian and European standards 

Our latex comes from the most awarded factory and has passed world class tests, and have been certified by some of the biggest governing bodies in our industry. The highest quality latex rubber is used in the manufacture of our cot mattresses

Naturally anti-dustmite

For anyone concerned about allegies or asthma a latex mattress is the only way to go!

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies and asthma. They thrive inside most mattresses and pillows because of the heat humans generate during sleep and the moisture that we expel. 
The natural antibiotic properties of latex and its open cell structure and excellent ventilation make for an inhospitable environment for dust mites and microbes. This combined with the feature that the cover can be removed and washed provides a very hygienic, clean and healthy sleeping environment for your baby. Our covers are made from bamboo fibre which also has natural antibiotic properties preventing the often musty smell with many mattresses.

Latex has natural anti-microbial, Anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties

No fungus, bacteria, dust mite or any other unhealthy organisms can live inside a latex mattress.

No chalks or fillers

Some uncertified latex manufacturers alter the structure of the latex by adding chalks or fillers, ours of course is 100% pure latex as certified by our many awards!

Environmentally friendly

There is increased awareness of enviromentally friendly products and we are proud to say that our mattresses have been officially distinguished as being amongst the most environmentally friendly in their range during the entire life cycle of the product, from production to disposal.

No plactics, PCP or sunthetics

If you take the time to read the fine print on other products you will find many cot mattresses may claim to be 'latex', but in fact they are a combination of foam, plastic, springs, with a layer of latex. Our mattresses are 100% latex all the way!

Cover is fully removable and machine washable

 Our natural bamboo fibre cover has a removable and machine washable zip cover

Mattress itself is fully washable too

There is the added advantage that the actual full latex core is fully washable - wash in a bath tub or with a hose outside, and just allow to dry in the shade.



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